Signed Books

This section of the site covers signed books. Since I began collecting, signed books have played a big role in helping me get autographs people I might not otherwise have the chance to - and usually at an incredibly reasonable price.

Many of them require going to signings and standing in line and all of that stuff - which, don't get me wrong, can definitely be a lot of fun (I once waited over 20 hours in line to meet U2 and get their book signed - don't think I'd ever wait that long for anyone else but that was a cool experience).

Every Black Friday Barnes and Noble has a pretty cool event where they put out signed books from many of the well-known celebrities and authors who released books that year (and, some years, even signed versions of some classics) - that's a good opportunity to add some really interesting autographs for a low price (combine that with their sales and if you're a member of their loyalty program, it gets even cheaper).

In addition to that, lately more and more signed books are popping up in stores like Target, Walmart, and Amazon - and while it's great to support your local bookstore, those sites can help if the author isn't coming to your town (or if you don't want to leave your house).


my SIgned Books

This page is just a gallery of some of the books in my collection.


List of Available Books

I'll try to keep this updated, this is a list of signed books I've found available for sale - it could serve as a resource for you to pick up some new signed books.