My Autographs

As I mentioned earlier, my first website (okay, well my first real website - the Pokémon fan page I built in the mid-90's and all of those weird free Geocities sites don't count!) - was built as a place to showcase my autograph collection and connect with other collectors. I'm hoping to use this site to continue to do that. If you see anything interesting or have any questions, please reach out!

My Collection

As I get time, I'll add more and more to this page - but this is where to go to see some of my collection. I'll try to include stories where I can (or ways to obtain!)


Interested in the hobby - want to get started with a collection of your own? This part of the site covers how I got into collecting as well as how you can get started (it's super easy!)

1992 Topps

While I haven't had the time to devote to collecting as I used to, one project that I've tried to keep alive is building an autographed set of 1992 Topps - this was the set that got e into baseball and collecting and I felt it'd be cool to have the entire set signed. It's over 800 cards so it's a long work-in-progress!