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Hi! I'm Ryan - I used to run a website dedicated to my autograph collection - this was like back in the late 90's. The days of link exchanges and webrings - I met a lot of great friends through collecting and keeping that site updated but as time went on, I found myself with less and less free time - not a bad thing at all, just something had to give!

It's always been a goal of mine to bring a bit of that site back. I decided to take a crack at building a site through SquareSpace so I wouldn't have to spend too much time messing around with the layout and all of those small things.

I recently hit 30 - with that came a desire to do more - become more active, spend more quality (and less quantity) time doing the things I love, spend the remainder of that quantity doing new things. I'm going to chronicle most (or at the very least, some :)) of that journey and I hope you'll stick around for it. Some of the sections I'll be working on include a blog that covers the books I'm reading, the beer I'm drinking, the food I'm eating, the video games I'm playing and the adventures my wife and I (and our pup, Maurice) are on out here in Seattle and the others remain to be determined.


The blog

Learn about us, the books I'm reading, and some of our favorite things and places!

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My collection

Check out the autograph section of my site to see more of my collection and learn how to get started if that's something you're interested in.

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